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General Travel: If you are going on a business trip, such as for a meeting or conference and are leaving California, or staying over at least one night away from your home campus then please complete a very simple Business Travel Accident Policy Form and receive a copy of the UC travel insurance certificate.

Field Safety Bulletin Board

Planning a field trip for research or instructional purposes? This system was developed to assist in your creation of your own customized Field Safety Plan. If you have never created a safety plan for your field trips before, there are a few answers you will need to have. You may need to consult your local field station contacts, other researchers and the websites listed as resources below. UC Irvine is committed to supporting your effort to make your trip as fruitful and safe as possible; please contact any of the people listed below for assistance.

You will need to know the answers to these questions:
Who is going on the trip, their contact information and their next of kin...
Where you are going, the local contacts and nearest hospital…
The diseases endemic at your field locations…
Is there civil unrest along your travel route?
Is the country, region or city on the State Department list of countries and regions with current travel warnings? (Special Travel Insurance may be required. Contact the UC - IRVINE Risk Manager. )
How will people travel to the field site(s); and between or around the field locations? (Who will drive, what is the vehicle insurance coverage?) Will you be flying? Using a boat or other watercraft?
What are the activities that will be taking place, do they require any special precautions, training or insurance?

·        Transportation (People; Samples, Materials, Supplies, Equipment; and Hazardous Materials)

·        Medical Considerations

·        Security

·        Communications

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UC Irvine Resources

UC Field Safety Resources



UC - IRVINE Field Safety Workgroup Coordinator (949-824-9850)
UC - IRVINE Insurance & Risk Management  (949-824-7419)
UC - IRVINE Biosafety Officer (949-824-6200)
UC - IRVINE Chemical Hygiene Officer (949-824-6200)
UC - IRVINE Radiation Safety Officer (949-824-6200)
UC - IRVINE Environmental Health & Safety Director (949-824-6200)
UC - IRVINE Shipping (949-824-6200)

UC Field Safety Workgroup Chair (951-827-5119)
UC Field Safety Workgroup Vice-Chair (949-824-9850)
UC Field Safety EH&S Director Liaison (XXXXXXX)
UCOP Environmental Health & Safety Director 510-987-0170)
UCOP Chief Risk Officer (510-987-9820)



UC - IRVINE Travel Clinic
UC - IRVINE Travel Information
UC - IRVINE Travel Office
UC - IRVINE Campus
UC - IRVINE Environmental Health & Safety
UC - IRVINE Natural Reserve System

UC Field Safety Workgroup
Overseas Security Advisory Council
US State Department Travel Site
Library of Congress Country Studies
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travelers' Health
World Health Organization; International Travel and Health





·  Water Craft

·  Travel Gear


Medical Considerations

·  Travel Medicine

·  Travel Medicine

·  Travel Medicine

·  Travel Medicine

·  First Aid Kits

·  Water Purification


Field Safety Plan Examples

·  Fieldwork in Forested, Brush-Covered, Grassland and Wetland Areas

·  Los Alamos

·  University of Toronto

·  Geological Assoc. of Canada

·  McMaster University

·  Southhampton Univ.

·  Field Safety for Geologists Univ. of Derby

·  Glen Kuban

·  UCSB Diving Safety