UC Office of the President Field Operational Planner

Description of Program

The Field Safety Operational Planning tool is intended to address possible risks specifically associated with field research and foreign operations. The Web planning tool was developed to assist you in the creation of your own customized Field/foreign operations plan.


UCOP Field/Foreign Operations Administrator

Cheryl Lloyd

Program Elements

Getting ready to plan a trip? Setting up operations in a foreign country? Let the UCOP field operational planner help you prepare.

We have a comprehensive Web based tool for planning your next excursion with tips and things to consider.

  • Are you employing local nationals at a foreign operation?
  • Does your project include clinical trials or human subject testing?
  • Are you renting/leasing any housing using project funds for research participants and local employees?
  • What hazards may be involved?
  • What can you do to reduce the risks and ensure safety?
  • How can you be sure that you are in compliance with local governing agencies?

Clearly it is best to anticipate potential issues beforehand, and not out in the field or after a program has started. A successful enterprise depends heavily on a plan and preparation.

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Additional Resources

Do you need help with a specific country? Click here to access information on 30 countries: http://irc.nacubo.org/countries/Pages/default.aspx

Click here for a wealth of resources regarding foreign operations: http://irc.nacubo.org/Pages/OutsideResources.aspx